Here we go again…

One-degree under local blogger gets some rest in...

Sorry yet again for another interruption in service. I’m not in the best of health again right now and my symptoms returned when I finished the course of antibiotics. I’ve a huge backlog of stuff to post here, but sadly, I’m not managing to get through it today. Please accept my apologies, and be assured I’ll be back onto it as soon as I can.

My thanks are extended to those in the online community who’ve patiently tolerated my whinges about my bad stomach and endured my protracted moaning. Hopefully, normal service really will be resumed soon. Until then, I suggest the smarter investors amongst you look to put your money into Andrex, Armitage Shanks and Severn Trent.

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11 Responses to Here we go again…

  1. David Evans says:

    HI Bob
    get well soon. Your duck’s turning cannibal, beware!

    all the best old chum


  2. Andy Dennis says:

    Sorry to hear about your travails. Hope you can shake off the lurgy soon and can get back to your normal busy life. Best wished, Andy.

  3. Paul Anslow says:

    Sorry that you have become so intimate with sanitation fixtures. Wishing you a speedie (and more lengthly) recovery. Best wishes, Paul

  4. Cheers folks. Feel a fair bit better today. Hopefully a positive sign.

    Best wishes


  5. warren parry says:

    Unlucky Bob having the “Brad Pits” ain’t nice and would sure as hell make a bike ride near impossible.
    if you need help with anything Bob give me a shout. I know most things you do are impossible to allot elsewhere, but the offer is there.

  6. Really sorry that this bug has bitten you twice, and so sharply too. If there’s a silver lining though, it’s that you can lie in your pit of despair, or perhaps grimly clinging to your loo, whilst idly marvelling that the Victorians did such great things for foul sewage and thereby public health. London has the fabulous Abbey Wells – educate us on what we have. 🙂

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