In the Middle

A wonderful 1915 image of the original Royal ‘Middle’ Oak, supplied by Mr. Daryl Preston via David Evans. I’d love to name some of these faces. Note the watch chain, the clay pipe, the fine collection of hats, and a few good comb-overs. Considering this is during wartime, they look very happy. Click for a full size version.

Had a great one from David Evans a couple of days ago… as I typed this it occurred to me that the young lad far left would probably have been conscripted into the Second World War. Achingly sad.

Hi Bob

I think your readers will find this unique photo of interest. It is dated 1915 and shows the owners of the inn, Mrs Philips and her husband (in the sweater) on the back row of the photo with a goodly crowd of locals. Perhaps they may be able to identify some of the people in the group! My thanks to local Walsall Wood man, Darryl Preston for providing this image

 With kind regards


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8 Responses to In the Middle

  1. Clive says:

    Great photo Dave, will you thank Mr. Preston for us all please.

  2. David Evans says:

    HI Clive
    I certainly will..with pleasure..The photo is so clear and well lit, beats my efforts any time. Thanks for your nice comment. David

    • m7chael cox says:

      I was interested of the middle oak photo lbeleive the photo was 1930s not 1915 my friend mr phillips son has the actual photo with the names attached mr phillips the man in jumper back row was born 1903

      • Michael Heath says:

        You’re right about the date. The man with a cigarette in his mouth in the back row is my dad Fred Heath who was born in 1911. Mike Heath.

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