Engine Lane: a quick message from Stevie Ansell.

This field - formerly scrub - has been cleared using a JCB. Scraped clean, the remnants of the greenery are piled in the centre of the site. 6:23pm, Wednesday, 21st september 2011.

Readers may well remember the sudden clearance of the field in Engine Lane, Brownhills a couple of weeks ago. It seems the mystery has been solved – Brian Stringer, friend of The Brownhills Blog and the original Clayhanger Kid sent the following message:

Hi Bob,

You are probably aware, but it seems that the site of Marklews old farm that has been cleared, is to be the new Stevie Ansell Riding School.


This is indeed the case, and Stevie Ansell herself  contacted me yesterday on Faccebook to with message for readers of The Brownhills Blog:

Just to let you know there will be some more work going on up Engine Lane… Mainly fencing etc. but also some planings and containers for shelters for horses and so on. If you need to know anything give me a bell [I have Stevie’s contact details if required – Bob]. I am atound this weekend if you wanted to discuss anything.

I thank Stevie for her helpful and considerate message, and wish the riding school well in it’s new home. It’s great to see a local business doing so well, and they really do some splendid work.

Google Earth screenshot showing the location of the field in question.

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11 Responses to Engine Lane: a quick message from Stevie Ansell.

  1. Thanks for this Bob We still have a long way to go and waiting on council to finalise everything….Obviously the main problem being funding as I have to work away in order to plough as much money as possible into the stables….It really does change peoples lives down there so a reall assett to the community….We have been broken into twice since being at this new site as it is a little out of the way…Wondered whether you could put the word around for locals to keep an eye out in the hope that we can catch these opportunists in the act ? 😀 MANY THANKS ANYWAY FOR YOUR SUPPORT 😀

  2. mmmmmmmmmmmmm says:

    hi can i ask what you are finalising with the council…thanks…

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  5. Witheld says:

    Monday 29th October 2012
    At 8.00 am my wife passed Stevie Ansells and found escaped horses again and spent the best part of an hour returning them to the front paddock of Stevie Ansells as they had broken through a poorly maintained fence held together with scraps of wood and bailing twine. I am sure this scenario is very familiar to anyone who lives nearby and as a local resident I think it is high time that something is done to protect these horses from escaping and the endangerment to all this ongoing situation causes. The contact number on front of stables of course went unanswered.
    If you are reading this and work for or keep your horse at this yard can you please organise proper fencing maintenance and not rely on bits of string, barbed wire and broken wood to protect your horses from escaping. Many thanks, a concerned resident of Pelsall.

  6. Brian says:

    new fencing rails are already purchased and in the process of being fitted,and not anonymously

    • Well done. Hopefully that will sort it.

      Please don’t dig at contributors for being anonymous. Not everyone wants their details online. I’m sure their anonymous status didn’t affect their ability to round up your livestock.



      • Ms "Stevie"-Marie Ansell says:

        Apologies for Brian’s “Sense of humour” :S The comment wasn’t exactly anonymous as I had the wife’s details and spoke to her in great depth…. Some of comments were not quite correct in the piece and I think this ruffled Brian’s feathers as we never stop spending …replacing and fixing fencing either through vandalism theft or general wear and tear….I was most grateful to Mandy for getting livestock in to the extent of asking for address to forward a Thankyou gesture….
        I am though on permanent call and have been empoundments officer for the police for over twenty years …. They themselves will vouch that I have always been at the end of the phone for ALL loose horses in the area which by the way are normally not ours…. Again off roaders cutting fences do cause us problems so our horses have been let out in the past too… I have recently spent over three thousand pounds on fencing and this is ongoing… Unfortunately that night our long resident Black cob called Blue was put into a paddock where he does not normally go…. He being the character that he is put his best skills into action and leant up fence until it smashed !! Anybody who knows Blue knows that he breaks down stable doors … Fencing be them old or new and breaks every lead rope or post that we tie him to… Hence the fact why there is a telegraph post sunk especially for him and a length of chain as a lead rope :S Bob I look forward to your blogs and read them whether they are about me or not as I find them well written but more importantly you investigate and find out the truth and facts before making statements… I feel that you are truly there for the community and unbiased in view… I didn’t agree with the comment but wasn’t going to get into a tot for tat on blog as to be honest it’s not what myself or the stables are about….. We are a non profit organisation now trying to keep afloat in hard times and to be honest we are finally getting there after years of hardship… I didn’t feel me entering into anything on this comment would benefit Anybody this time…. Please understand Brian and where he is coming from… He is a good man but even we call him “Victor” Meldrew at times!! 😀 Thanks Bob 😀

  7. Chloe says:

    Love this.You have great horses x

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