Engine Lane, Brownhills – mystery solved!

This field - formerly scrub - has been cleared using a JCB. Scraped clean, the remnants of the greenery are piled in the centre of the site. 6:23pm, Wednesday, 21st september 2011.

Readers may well remember the sudden clearance of the field in Engine Lane, Brownhills a couple of weeks ago. It seems the mystery has been solved – Brian Stringer, friend of The Brownhills Blog and the original Clayhanger Kid sent the following message:

Hi Bob,
You are probably aware, but it seems that the site of Marklews old farm that has been cleared, is to be the new Stevie Ansell Riding School.

Obviously, this is unconfirmed, but if true, the move to Engine Lane is to be welcomed. Stevie will be away from the traffic and her riders will have the whole common to explore. Hopefully, more human activity there will also deter the meatheads and flytippers who cause so much disturbance.

I wish Stevie all the best in her new location.

Google Earth screenshot showing the location of the field in question.

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5 Responses to Engine Lane, Brownhills – mystery solved!

  1. eye pain says:

    It will certainly improve the ‘neigh’bourhood

  2. David Evans says:

    HI Bob
    all the best to Stevie and co. Well deserved. Now for some mushrooms!
    David Evans

  3. Hi guys ;D Just to thank you for your positivety and support it is much appreciated….. I am trying to add you onto my twitter so that I can keep you informed 😀

  4. Jim says:

    There is a problem with motorcycle morons at the end of engine lane that needs addressing the current setup just isn’t adequate

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