Carte Blanche

Following recent posts in which I made available the William Yates 1798 map of Staffordshire and a 1959 Ordnance Survey map of East Staffordshire, I’ve now got further mapping goodness here for readers to download. This map is an odd one, and I know nothing about it. It’s an 1801 map of Staffordshire, published By C Smith of 172, The Strand, London.

Now available to download in full - please see links below.

It’s certainly a curious work. First impressions are that it is very similar in look and draftsmanship to the William Yates map of three years previous, but the cartography is quite poor in places. There are even greater liberties taken here with physical locations, which can be miles adrift, and the roads seem curiously different to those depected by the previous mapmaker. It’s still a gorgeous thing though, and wonderful to study the evolution of place names.

Brownhills as depicted by C. Smith. The roads around Stonnall and Walsall Wood seem very odd, and what's happened to Watling Street?

The map is in .PDF format, for which you’ll need Adobe Reader or similar – but most folks have that installed already. I recommend right-clicking the links below and selecting ‘Save as…’ to save the file to your computer. All of them will take a while to download on slow connections, so please be patient. The high quality one is 300 DPI resolution and should print fine up to A3/original size. The medium one is 250 DPI, and should be good to A4. The basic is 150DPI and is best suited to on-screen use.

I’d like to thank [Howmuch?], who’s a top reader of the Brownhills Blog, and does tireless, sterling work on my behalf. Without his hawk eye and patience we wouldn’t be enjoying this stuff now. I also thank my professional scanning person – you know who you are. Cheers.

C. Smith 1801 Staffordshire map – high quality download 9.2MB

C. Smith 1801 Staffordshire map – medium quality download 5.9MB

C. Smith 1801 Staffordshire map – basic quality download 3.8MB

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  1. Andy Dennis says:

    A fine mess! Precisely why the Ordnance Survey was required.

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