Want to make Walsall Council’s website a bit better?

Hi guys. This is a brief post as I’m bogged down with work right now, but YamYam co-conspirator and all-round webhead @hapdaniel is currently partaking in a focus group relating to an improved Walsall Council Website. We all complain about the current one, and what’s needed are volunteers to pitch in and offer straight opinions.

The web site may be lamer than a three-leged dog, but this is your chance to contribute to a better way.

Like many things, we shouldn’t complain at the result if we can’t be arsed to take part. All participants will go away with the rosy glow of having improved something that loads of people use very day, and may get the chance to carouse with Walsall’s finest, most charming Yahoo Pipes expert. What’s not to love?

There will be a meeting tomorrow night (Wednesday 13th July 2011) at 7:00pm. Please contact webteam@walsall.gov.uk to take part.

Cheers. Smoke me a kipper, I’ll be back for breakfast.

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  1. stymaster says:

    I’m hoping to take part too, but work and other commitments have meant I’ve had to decline the two meetings offerred so far. I’m hoping some subsequent ones won’t clash.

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