Pelsall Canal Festival this weekend!

I notice from the excellent Chasewaterstuff Railway Blog that it’s Pelsall’s annual canal festival this weekend. This is a huge event, and well worth a look. I noticed yesterday that lots of boaters were heading that way through the Black country, so it’s set to be a great weekend. If you love the waterways, do pop alo

A veritable flotilla moored at Moxley yesterday afternoon. When asked, the boaters said they were heading to Pelsall.

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9 Responses to Pelsall Canal Festival this weekend!

  1. Janet says:

    Come and have a look before they trash the picturesque bridge by the pub

  2. ian says:

    thank you for the info never herd of this canal fest before and needed info, yours was the first i came across with photos.
    cheers ian

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  5. phil says:

    What’s this about them about to “trash the picturesque bridge by the pub”?

    • There is a plan to replace York’s Bridge on Lime Lane by the pub with a new one. This has become a big issue as it’s considered to be to enable HGV’s to access any new opencast. Hence a rickety old bridge with nothing to commend it has suddenly become ‘picturesque’.

  6. Brenda Ward says:

    The latest plan for York’s Bridge is to leave it in situ as a foot bridge & build a road bridge at the side. See here:-

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