Pop goes the blog…

Top blog commentator and freind Andy Dennis recently commented on the debate about local delivery services of years gone by:

Yes, I remember the “pop man” coming. Corona. They gave free bottle openers and I still use mine 40-odd years on to open bottles (though it’s a more grown up “pop” these days!). Bob, I’ve forwarded a picture, though I guess it’s not going to have much rarity value for a few generations yet. Andy

Andy sent pictures of his bottle-opener – I love this kind of ephemera. I’m sure that it must be quite collectable.

This find in turn pushed me into scouring YouTube for related material. Fantastically, I found these gems:

I remember Corona pop really well. I can remember going to the shops and buying it, and then taking the bottle  back for the deposit.

The Cresta adverts were brilliant. Wasn’t so keen on the pop, which seemed a bit too fizzy if I recall correctly. I wonder who’s voicing this – sounds familiar but can’t put my finger on it.

I remember these straws. They didn’t work very well – if you didn’t shake the content out fully, it set in the straw like cement. They were strawberry, I think, but I there may have been banana too, which were yellow. But I may be mistaken there.

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3 Responses to Pop goes the blog…

  1. Was only showing my daughter the Humphrey ads this weekend. My Nan had those bottle openers. had no idea they were a freebie!

  2. Tony Martin says:

    Jusoda was my drink of choice, aged about 8.

  3. phil says:

    loved jusoda this brought back memories from a really long time ago ………nice man

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