The Bookworm Turns: Lies, Damn Lies, Library Cuts and Council Pledges

I note today that fierce and vocal defender of our libraries, The Bookworm Turns, has a new post up in the wake of the furore over the recent news that six of our treasured institutions are to be closed. The post is angry, eloquent and passionate. Please support this cause if you care by protesting to your councillor, writing to those in charge and telling your friends, family and anyone who gives a damn. It’s important that as many people know about this scandal as possible.

We’re used to being lied to in Walsall.  Actually we’re used to being lied to by the political classes throughout the UK.  After all, what is a Party Manifesto apart from a wad of expensive and rather slippery toilet paper?  Some of the lies are deliberate.  Some are down to incompetence.  And oh, so many are because otherwise occasionally honest politicians can rarely bring themselves to admit they have made a mistake.

Read more at The Bookworm Turns…

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8 Responses to The Bookworm Turns: Lies, Damn Lies, Library Cuts and Council Pledges

  1. Andrew says:

    Believe it or not there may be a modicum of sense in Walsall. This does assume that the decision is correct to close libraries and that is not an assumption I am prepared to concede. However, where we have now moved to (from Walsall) in Somerset there is a proposal to close our local library. The difference is that there remains 8 years on the lease so the council, if they close it, will be paying £31,000 p.a. to keep a library with no books shut. It is that which suggests that there may be a modicum of sense.

  2. Louise says:

    Due to the subject nature being literacy I feel I should point out the correct spelling of “friend”. No pithy comments please; I am trying to help.

  3. Roger Jones says:

    Did no-one spot “wrinting” on the same line as “friends”

    • I’ll be brutally honest: it was late when I compiled that post and I fell asleep at the keyboard. It went out in a bit of a daze.

      I can’t type, either.

      All the best


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