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I see that the site of the now demolished Shire Oak Reservoir has finally been sold to Morris Homes. Since outline planning permission for a housing development on the site was granted way back in 2006, the only thing standing in the way is the fine detail of any plan; houses will be built here soon. From the Morris Homes website, the developer has the following description:

From the Morris Homes website

There’s some classic developer-speak in there. Since when has Shire Oak been a village, let alone a charming one? Chasewater and Brownhills Common close by? How many people today would walk down the hill to town – and more importantly, back up without oxygen and a meal break? Easy access to the M6 – haven’t they conveniently omitted the word ‘Toll’ from that? And where the hell did they get the name ‘Norton Gate’ from? Enquiring minds need to know… at least it’ll probably wake our councillors from their slumbers.

As I’ve said before, I’ve no opposition to this development whatsoever, but I do find developer guff endlessly entertaining. I bet the house on the corner will have a cracking view from upstairs…

If you’re reading this at the Express & Star, it’s an easy take, look, I’ve done all your research for you…

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4 Responses to Something is happening

  1. stymaster says:

    Plus the name ‘Shire Oaks’? Someone who wrote that wasn’t paying attention.

    To be fair access to the M6 is quite easy. Slow, but easy.

    I wonder if Mike Flower has picked this up?

  2. Pedro says:

    Hi Bob

    This seems a million miles from the northern wastes!

    Have a great Xmas and a prosperous New Year.


  3. 7rin says:

    That’s it you see – us Nortoners (formerly Brownhillians) are just gonna surround you. 😉

    Happy 2010 to all. *grin*

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