I’d just like to say…

I wish all you readers out there a merry Christmas and a very happy, prosperous and peaceful 2010.

When I started this blog back in May, I thought nobody would read it, much less be engaged by anything I had to say. I’m absolutely amazed to find that there’s an enthusiastic, switched-on, opinionated and somewhat eccentric audience for my bilious rants and largely incoherent rambles. As I write this, Brownhills Blog has racked up over 22,000 hits and I’m stunned. I couldn’t do this stuff without the support, information, enthusiasm and advice you lot provide, and I’m grateful for all your contributions.

I’d particularly like to send very special greetings to The YamYam, whose support toward both this fetid organ and to the local net community has been both immense and indefatigable. I’d like to tip the novelty  Santa hat also toward the TheEdditer, his exemplary Bloxidge Tallygraph and the wonderful work both he and his colleagues do at Walsall Local History Centre. Dan Slee at @walsallcouncil deserves a mention for being very patient in the face of what must seem like almost constantly hostile enemy fire, and to the local twitter community who are an endless source of wit, ranting, foul language and cake. The guys over at the Lichfield Blog continue to light the way, and their help and support has been very welcome.

Finally, I’d like to send out very special Christmas greetings to [Howmuch], [Twomuch] and the swan-pig. They know why.

Have a good one, and please do stay tuned.

If you don't love XKCD, you must be normal.

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3 Responses to I’d just like to say…

  1. danslee says:

    Merry Christmas, Bob. Hope you have a peaceful one.

    I must be mad posting this at 3.20am on Christmas morning. Really I must…

    Dan Slee
    Walsal Council Press Office

  2. 7rin says:

    XKCD, as ever, FTW. 😀

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