A further sad update from New Hall Mill


New Hall Mill is a splendid place, restored and run by wonderfully dedicated volunteers.

Yesterday, I had another sad update from Alan Dawson about New Hall Mill, that fabulous historic gem of a working watermill just down the road near Sutton Coldfield.

Regular readers will know well I always plug their events and am a keen supporter of what they’re doing.

So it’s very sad, but of course, totally understandable that the Friends of New Hall Mill have now decided to keep the attraction closed throughout 2020 and hope to open again in May of next year.

One of my favourite things about curating the blog in summer is knowing I can direct a healthy flow of interested folk to great, otherwise hidden local attractions like New Hall Mill. I love the place and adore getting them better known – the mill is gorgeous and so quintessentially English it’s impossible not to love.

To see it closed for a whole year fills me with sadness.

This is absolutely the correct action, but by jove, I’ll miss these folk and their events.

Alan Dawson, on behalf of The Friends of New Hall Mill, said:

Hi Bob

              New Hall Mill – Coronavirus Update

I hope that you are well and keeping yourself socially distanced from others during these horrendous times.

As I have previously indicated – We are aware of the interest that your blog creates, many visitors to the mill indicating that their attendance was the result of your promoting the open days, for which we are immensely grateful.

Could you please post the following updated information on your blog?

NEW HALL MILL – Unfortunately, we have to report that New Hall Mill will not be open to visitors during 2020. This decision has not been taken lightly as we know how much pleasure is gained by both visitors and ourselves.

We cannot open the site owing to very important Health and Safety issues –

  1. Many of our volunteers fall into the “At Risk” category, we had already received notifications that a number would not be available for attendance on open days this year due to the pandemic.
  1. It is impossible to be “Socially Distant” in the Mill, Tea Room & Gift Shop.

The Health and Well Being of our volunteers, event exhibitors and the public has to be our number one priority during these unprecedented  times.

We hope that readers understand our situation. We expect to reopen in May 2021 and look forward to seeing you then.

Our Face Book page NEW HALL MILL will post updates throughout our closed period.

Many thanks in anticipation, Best wishes from New Hall Valley

Alan Dawson – A friend of New Hall Mill

More details can be found on their website – www.newhallmill.org.uk or their Facebook page here.

Obviously, I would imagine the same goes for similar attractions locally like Balleny Green miniature railway at Little Hay, Clay Mills pumping station near Burton, Klondyke Mill at Draycott and so forth.

This is so very sad but I will be so ready to welcome them all back when this strange time passes. My best wishes to Alan and all at New Hall Mill, and to all those volunteers, organisers and grafters who put events on and now find themselves oddly spare for a season.

My sympathies. See you on the other side.

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