Walsall tips to reopen with limited operations – but please be patient!

On your marks – get set – and toss! Image from Walsall Council.

An important note here to point out that Walsall Council’s tips – known as Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) reopen today, Saturday 16th May 2020 following their closure during the coronavirus pandemic in line with government guidelines that declared tip runs were not ‘essential journeys’.

Readers will find all the relevant information below and SHOULD BE PREPARED TO QUEUE. Strict social distancing will be enforced, and the actual waste that can be accepted is limited, again by government instruction. Traffic will not be allowed to enter Merchants Way in Aldridge from Snubbers Green Road.

You can find out all you need to know in the details below, on the council’s Bins and Things site by clicking here  and Facebook group by clicking here.

If your trip can be left until another day, for heaven’s sake leave it a while. It’s going to be hellish.

Remember, however angry you get, this is going to be very busy indeed, and the staff manning the sites, marshalling queues and manning social media are just humans, doing a job. Give them a break and be polite, please.

Council officers are so concerned you know the regulations, they’ve created a video for you starring Mike ‘Blofeld’ Bird to chivvy you through it. I notice the famous charm has never waned.

Note also that there are now live webcams so you can see how busy the sites are on the recant HWRC webpage – Merchants Way Aldridge here and Fryers Road Bloxwich here.

Walsall Council said:


Walsall tips to reopen with limited operations

From Saturday, 16 May 2020, Walsall Household Waste and Recycling Centres (tips) will reopen with limited operations.

Only essential trips to dispose of waste, or recycling that cannot be stored at home without causing risk of injury, health or harm, are permitted under new government guidelines.

Opening Times from Saturday 16 May 2020:

From Saturday 16 May you will be able to ‘view the queue’ at each site via a live web cam feed at the above links. This will be a live feed and will not be recorded.

Accepted waste

  • Black bags, containing items which can decompose and may cause a hazard to health (excess food waste, nappies, hygiene products, pet waste etc.)
  • Garden waste (grass and hedge cuttings, leaves, weeds, old plants and flowers)
  • Large electrical items (fridges, tumble dryers, televisions etc.)
  • Furniture (three-piece suite, mattress, drawers etc.)

If you bring items we cannot accept you will need to take them back home with you.

Making your way to the sites

Traffic management systems, including a one-way traffic flow, will be in operation at both sites.

Please expect to queue

We expect demand for both sites to be high, so expect to queue when you approach the HWRCs.  Our site operatives will be on hand along the queue to guide you.

Identification and proof of residency

You will need two forms of identification. One must be photo ID (drivers licence, passport, etc.) and the other must show proof of Walsall residency (recent utility bill, current council tax summary). Please remain in your vehicle whilst in the queue, and show your ID through the closed window of your vehicle to HWRC operatives.

Safety and social distancing

Social distancing measures are in place throughout both sites and you need to remain within your marked bay whilst unloading your vehicle.  Bulky items can be left in the marked zone at the side of your bay.  Our operatives will remove them when your vehicle has left.  Please exit the sites using the traffic management guidance and direction from site operatives.

Please note:

  • Journeys to HWRCs must only be undertaken if waste or recycling cannot be stored at home safely or disposed of safely by other means. By this we mean the waste cannot be stored without causing risk of injury, health or harm. No other reason for the journey would be considered a legitimate purpose. If residents can temporarily store waste or recycling in a way that does not pose a risk to their own or others’ safety or human health, they must do so.
  • Residents who are showing symptoms of COVID-19, in a 14-day household isolation or who are vulnerable and remaining at home for shielding purposes should not attend HWRC sites.
  • For households with residents showing COVID-19 symptoms, waste should be left for 72 hours before being double-bagged and brought to the HWRC.
  • New, temporary traffic management arrangements will be in place at both sites and sites will operate on a ‘one car out, one car in’ arrangement, controlled by the staff on site who will direct residents where to park and unload.
  • Residents who travel to HWRCs must remain in their vehicle while queuing to aid with social distancing and must not leave their vehicle until it is necessary to get out.
  • Pedestrians walking in with waste will not be permitted access to the sites.
  • Only one person will be permitted in each car, unless bringing a bulky item that requires two people to unload it or if the person is registered as having a disability and carries an authorised Blue Badge. If two people are required they must be from the same household.
  • Site staff will be unable to offer any assistance with unloading vehicles or carrying items.
  • To comply with social distancing restrictions both sites will be operating with revised layouts, marked with signage and barriers to limit pedestrian movement.
  • Visitors to HWRCs must observe social distancing at all times. Residents who do not comply with social distancing guidance will be asked to leave. If social distancing is not being maintained by visitors, sites may have to close temporarily.
  • Residents bringing items to the site that cannot be accepted will be asked to keep the items in their vehicle and take them home. Prohibited items include items such as gas bottles, car batteries, tyres, rubble, oil or chemicals.
  • Vehicles which will be permitted entry to Walsall HWRCs include cars and smaller vans only. Large cargo vehicles such as Transit vans or similar will not be permitted. Trade waste is never accepted at either HWRC site.
  • Residents returning home after any essential journey, including visits to HWRCs, should remember not to touch their face and to wash their hands for 20 seconds on arrival at their destination.

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2 Responses to Walsall tips to reopen with limited operations – but please be patient!

  1. Barry Wilkes says:

    I have had two faulty cordless drill batteries for about a year now. I have kept them waiting for the next time I visit a tip. That time has never come. However, today I rode my motor cycle to Merchants Way for its MOT and thought I could take these two batteries to the tip as its only 200 yards away from the Motor Cycle dealer. But no, I was told pedestrians are not allowed.
    1). Is this another Health & Safety issue way way over the top.
    2). We should be encouraged to take items to a tip not discouraged. How many people being forced to take home two large batteries would throw them on some grass verge or put them in their grey bin.
    I cannot imagine what sensible and logical explanation there is for banning pedestrians.
    I’ve been many times in my car to the tip. Upon arrival, I have always got out in order to deposit rubbish and therefore became a pedestrian until I jump back into my car.

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