Very much on form Woodmen see Long Eaton beaten

Images and captions supplied by the young David Evans

Walsall Wood FC took the trip to Long Eaton on Saturday afternoon last (18th January 2020), and actually got a match in after weeks of weather cancellations. I’m pleased to note that the Woodmen were well on form, beating the home side in a great match.

The young David Evans was there for all the action, and sent the following match report:

Saturday 19th January 2020
Long Eaton United FC 1 v 2 Walsall Wood FC

The Gods smiled down on England today to grant a few hours of sunshine in which to dash up to Long Eaton to see a real live game of football played on real, green grass, in a stadium that  is top notch, and to meet  up with local fans who share the love of football. Long Eaton town has its own unique street layout that surely catches out first-time visitors, but the town is blessed with landmark features to guide to weary traveller to the football ground.

A much needed Long Eaton special burger and piping hot coffee was soon dispatched, and a while in the warmth of the clubhouse helped to restore body and soul. Then, out to enjoy the game

This was a thoroughly enjoyable display of athletic football skill that captivated, thrilled, and kept specatetors’ on the edge of their seats throughout the ninety minutes.

Fine, accurate passing, clever side-steps, changes of pace, long kicks, turning on the ball, pure honey tackles, leaping for high balls, intricate close-range passing and off-the ball moves…this game showed this in abundance today.

The minutes flew by… A sure sign of the quality and range of skills being employed. A moment where that precious chink, a mere glint, in the opposition’s defence and the Wood scored their first goal.

Half time, another cup of coffee, a sandwich, and a chat with Long Eaton fans, while the players enjoyed the usual cucumber sandwiches and Earl Grey tea served by their managers…

The second half brought new tactics to the fore by both teams and  I was thrilled to witness perhaps a contender for goal of the season as Long Eaton fired a full-blooded long range shot that would credit any international team. Understandable and well-deserved applause rang out from home and visiting supporters.   A goal I will remember for a long time

The scores were now level and as the minutes left to play slipped away like fine sand through fingers, Walsall Wood scored their second, and ultimately winning goal .

A top quality display of all the skills that  non league football demands, and then some!

David Evans

Thanks to David for a fie report and pictures – what more can I add, but For The Good of the Wood!

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  1. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    thanks for sorting out the mess I made of my report in to this fine presentable edition. Your time and patience is very much appreciated

    David, new to windows 10

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