2020 new year photo competition – sorry, been a slight delay…

I adore that tree.

Hi folks just a note to say there’s been a slight delay in the New Year 2020 Brownhills Blog photo competition.

I was intending to announce winners this weekend, however due to me not being able to contact one entrant (who seems to have totally left Facebook) I had to allow reasonable time for them to reply. Since they have not done so, I’ll take the competition forward to the judges now and will announce winners next Sunday.

Sorry about this, but I like to do things properly and as fairly as possible. Sometimes that means a delay while things can be sorted. My apologies.

The final gallery is below with just two alterations, unlinked to the problem. I’d overlooked a couple of entries which has now been added in.

You can also view the same gallery on Google Photos by clicking here.

Thanks for your patience,  and we’ll reconvene next week. Apologies once again.

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