Lichfield Waterworks Trust April 2019 public meeting tonight

Sandfields Pumping Station – a great historic building with immense history and social significance – not just to Lichfield, but to the Black Country. Lichfield Discovered and local historian Dave Moore have saved this valuable asset for the community.

Sandfields Pumping Station champion and public historian extraordinaire Dave Moore has been in touch to let me know that this Monday evening, 8th April 2019 there will be the monthly Public Meeting of the Lichfield Waterworks Trust charity, formerly the Friends of Sandfields Pumping Station group.

The meeting is at the Bowling Green pub, Lichfield from 7:30pm and is of course open to anyone interested.

Dave wrote:

The next public meeting of Lichfield Waterworks Trust will take place on:  Monday 8th April 2019 at 7.30pm, in the rear meeting room of the
The Bowling Green
Friary Road
WS13 6QJ
Tel: 01543 257344
The Bowling Green serves some great food and real ales.

February meeting notes are available here

Latest News

Building Lease Update

Two of the trustees had a meeting with Persimmon homes in March. The meeting was open, honest and frank. The trust welcomes this improved working relationship with the owners and wish to continue with a productive dialogue that will be of mutual benefit to both parties.
Mains cables have now been installed, with the remaining connections still to be made. Contractors surveyors and engineers have been on-site to assess the final connection works. Hopefully, electrical power will be available soon.
We see march as a month of significant progress, we would like to thank everyone for their ongoing support.

Important Note

After the visit by Historic England on 16 Jan, the site has unfortunately been placed on the Heritage At Risk Register.

This is indeed sad news to see that this magnificent piece of industrial heritage is now officially at risk of permanent loss.
The trust is committed to continue working with the owner, Persimmon Homes Ltd to find a sustainable solution that will bring this building and its historic contents aback into a community use.

Tonights Talk

Tonight talk is from Alan Taman a researcher based at Birmingham City University

Cholera, Burgers and Blame: The politics and psychology of health inequality

The development of antibiotics has been hailed as a significant step in the improvement in quality of life. Yet the reality it has not made a significant difference. [Astounding assertion there – Bob] Yet the provision of clean water and effective sanitation made a significant improvement in life expectancy but did not make the news in the same way as antibiotics. So, what are the factors that influence the health and wellbeing of the community?
Alan’s research looks at the importance of communities and the ways people support each other, as well as the more obvious areas like diet and lifestyle. We’re looking forward to hearing the early results.

Health and Safety

We are really pleased to report that we have been working for another month where there have been no incidents relating to health and safety. A very big thank you again to everyone for working safely and looking after your fellow volunteers.

Engineering Team Report

The engineering team are continuing to make steady but continual progress. They have made an impressive job of cleaning the chequer plate floors and the cylinder landing. The work is time consuming but showing amazing results.
Progress notes from the engineering team are available here.

Building Team Report

The building team are also making steady progress. Lighting has been improved to some of the basement areas and toilets. The railings and doors are looking better for a coat of paint.

The team are busy working on one toilet and converting it to a washing area with a sink and drainer, improving the welfare facilities to benefit all visitors.

Work is well underway preparing the wring system for the new power supply.

3D Walkthrough

Dudley Technical College has been extremely kind in producing a 3D Walkthrough for the trust. This is an amazing piece of work that not only showcases the site, it also provides an opportunity to those who are unable to visit the site or climb the stairs

Please click here to explore it.

History West Midlands – Podcast

History West Midlands have produced a stunning podcast titled – Making Cholera History in the Black Country.
 Presented by writer and broadcaster Graham Fisher and Directed by Andy Partington, featuring David Moore, the podcast gives a detailed history of both Sandfields pumping Station and the story of clean water.

Please click here to find out more about the podcast.

Archive and Historical Research Team Report

The archive and research team have done some sterling work preserving and cataloguing the historic artefacts left on site. Lists of water quality documents, tables, customer complaints and numerous other documents have been carefully and skilfully sorted, catalogued and stored.
The archive material will provide research opportunities for many years to come.


With over 2,500 volunteer working hours, (equates to more than two full time equivalents) and over £14,000 spent in cleaning equipment, materials and scaffold over the last two years. This month has seen quite a drain on our bank balance with invoices for the viability study and scaffolding landing on the desk. Looking at the engine now, as opposed to how it looked in 2016, the volunteers have made some remarkable progress.

We will also always invest in our people and we are planning further training days soon. All these costs soon mount up, so if you can donate, then please visit our donation page here.

Any amount is helpful, is well appreciated and will be carefully spent preserving our industrial past for our future generations, developing skills for our people and making our community a better place.

Please make cheques payable to; Lichfield Waterworks Trust, and send to our address:
22 Walsall Road
WS13 8AB

We would like this opportunity to welcome a few new members.

Thank you for joining the Lichfield Waterworks Trust. We hope you will enjoy your membership and become part of a very exciting heritage project that will benefit the people, the place and the community.
It would really help us if we develop and grow our membership. If you are not already a member and would you like to be a part of one of the region’s most exciting heritage projects then please, join us now by filling in Membership Application Form by going to our membership page here. It is free to join and be a part of this incredibly exciting project.
Thank you everyone for your continued support and helping to make a difference in our community. We hold work days every Friday between 10:00 and 12:00am, please feel free to pop in a see us, we make everyone welcome and have free tea and coffee!

Do pop over to Dave Moore’s blog and check out the history of Sandfields Pumping Station, an almost forgotten gem – the group also has a Facebook page.

Dave is, of course, one of the leading lights of Lichfield Discovered, along with Kate ‘Cardigan’ Gomez from Lichfield Lore.

It’s great to see people like Dave encourage a better attitude to our historic buildings -please do attend if you’re able, it’s sure to be enlightening and educational.

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