Ilkeston best Woodmen in second half nail biter

Images and captions kindly supplied by the young David Evans

Bad news for the Walsall Wood faithful on Saturday last (18th August 2018) as they entertained visitors and long-time nemesis Ilkeston Town FC, and played a bold match – only to be beaten 2-0 in thew second half.

Blog football correspondent David Evans watched the match and said:

Hiya  Bob,

Walsall Wood 0 v 2 Ilkeston Town

This was a match I had been eagerly looking forward to. Firstly to welcome back  the away supporters, raucous and full of high spirit, and secondly I wanted to see this season’s  Ilkeston squad in action.

The match was a fine display of quality football with both sides initially sounding each other out, one way or another, and then employing various well practised tactics to bring a thrill a minute at times for the spectators. Ilkeston had the advantage of not having had to play two bruising cup ties in the recent days.
Those two encounters had brought regrettable injuries to the normally complete Walsall squad. Added to this the ability to draw on a far greater bank of players than Walsall Wood, and the stage was set.
Interestingly it did seem that one slight error, loose pass, slip or misjudgment might bring about the deciding goal. It was nearly so. The first half was very evenly fought by both sides, with good confident defence by Walsall Wood and Ilkeston alIke.
The second half saw numerous subsitutions by both teams, and it was here that the greater cohesion of the  Ilkeston squad  began to show. One imprecise cross pass brightly and swiftly intercepted by Ilkeston gave them the rare goal scoring chance which they took well.  The challenge now was two-fold for the Wood and despite ratcheting up a gear or two, they found it impossible to break through the Ilkeston defence, but whilst attempting to do so, a breakaway long, looping shot by Ilkeston left the Woods goalkeeper stranded way away from his area. No imprecision here by Ilkeston. The shot was accurate and  deservedly scored a fine goal.
The final score was two goals to nil in favour of Ilkeston. Walsall Wood will now  take a day’s downtime to reflect, consider, and adjust, I am sure.
David Evans

Thanks to David for the report, always appreciated – for the good of The Wood!

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  1. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    many thanks for the excellent presentaion..Most appreciated
    kind regards

  2. AndyR says:

    Thanks for the continued support Bob FTGOTW

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