Living next door to the Grove – what do you know?

A drone shot of the last remains of the Grove Colliery off Lime Lane. Image kindly shared by Steve Martin.

Last year I featured a very popular set of images from a place I genuinely didn’t realise still existed: The Grove Colliery, the remnants of which – the house and offices situated just off Lime Lane, between Pelsall, Brownhills, Norton and Great Wyrley – were documented by old pal of the blog Simon Swain and drone wizard Steve Martin also captured the site from the air.

Back in the summer, we received an enquiry about the derelict site that was sent in by Julia Smith, and that provoked a lot of discussion – you can read that point here. That post has prompted this enquiry that came in a few weeks ago from reader Morgan:

Hi Bob,

My name is Morgan and I live at Grove Cottage, Lime Lane. I neighbour the derelict house that I have seen you talk about in your blogs.

I believe Grove Cottage to be the one central to this image, cropped from a drone phot by Steve Martin. Click for a larger version.

I have been into the derelict house once last year, and unfortunately everything has been stripped due to vandals/possibly squatters. It’s such a shame to see this beautiful, big house be left in such an awful state.

I am very interested in the history of my own house, and I wondered if you have any insights/pictures of my house?

Thanks a lot,

I haven’t personally, but I feel someone out there might well have. If any readers can help, please do: Comment here or mail me. You know the drill by know – BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Thanks.

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  1. aerreg says:

    i dont know if its of any help but many years ago 1930s a family by the name of LIONS lived in one of the large semies in the grove yard they had a son samuel as boys we used to go on friday nights to dear old SAL GRIPTONS childrens dance class at the memorial hall the days when you didnt wair long trousers till you were 14 OH HAPPY DAYS god bless

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