Feet of clay

Uncle Lig Potters Clay

A quite timeless photo of four workmates at Potclays in Brownhills, dated 1960. Image kindly supplied by Jean Houghton.

Well, I always say I don’t get much right here and so it was on Saturday last when completely misunderstood the location accompanying a photograph Godfrey Hucker shared from friend of the blog Jean Houghton – what I thought was Coppice Lane was in fact Coppice Side, and the house was not Coombe House, but Big House Farm.

Thans to those who pointed my error out – it’s important that folk do so and I welcome it. The history here should be accurate, after all.

More to come on the farm later – the young David Evans has been busy on that one, but in the meantime, Jean spotted me sharing her image and sent the following gentle correction and another great picture above, of four workmates believed to include her uncle Lig. The photo is believed to have been taken in 1960 at Potclays Birch Coppice works, Between the Pelsall Road and Coppice Lane.

Jean Houghton sent the following note:

Hi Bob,

I see you have posted the photograph I sent to Godfrey Hucker of my Uncle Elijah Hinton and Godfrey’s Dad. I think the building in the background is Big House Farm.

If I am correct they would be walking down Coppice Side from the Jolly Collier end.

I have another photo of my Uncle Lig which I believe is taken at Potters Clay where he worked for some time. The date on the back of the photo is August 1960.

Perhaps one of your readers will know the identity of the other three in the picture?

My thought is one of them may be Alfie Pinchers but I am not sure.

Love reading your page Bob it brings back many happy memories.

Jean Houghton.

Thanks Jean for a wonderful note and for your generosity in sharing such wonderful images. That really is a great image and is quite timeless.

If you can help with any information, please do: either comment here or mail me – BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.


Coppice Side, not Coppice Lane. But a wonderful image all the same. Kindly supplied by Jean Houghton via Godfrey Hucker, and misinterpreted by me…

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8 Responses to Feet of clay

  1. oakparkrunner says:

    Hello Bob with regard to Jeans photo at Potters, I forwarded it to Eileen Johnson nee Pinchers (Alf’s daughter). She said it is not him he never worked at Potters. Cant help on others Kind regards Godfrey

  2. aerreg says:

    dont know if its of any interest but the orignal poters clay was a drift mine the manager was a MR BAYLEY they lived in a semi in great charles field opposite the donkey field they had a daughter kath part of our teen age world sadly she passed away and is at rest in the marble church cemertary nr bodlin castle in wales by the the way the donky field is the short street that connects great charles street to church hill god bless thanks for more memouries

  3. Jean’s photo. The man in the overalls looks like Charlie Riley but he worked at Castings Foundry
    in Lichfield Road Brownhills. Not absolutely sure though. My sister will know when I see her tomorrow.

    • Jean Houghton says:

      Hello Beryl
      My Uncle Lig also worked at Castings Foundry in later years so maybe I have got the
      location wrong. Apologies if this is so.

      • Hi Jean. I spoke to my sister Joan and for sure it is Charlie Riley in the overalls and Elijah Hinton on his right can’t put a name to the other two. That picture was taken at the back of Castings Foundry in the 1960’s. They used to work on the Furnaces. My sister worked there at the same time and knew Elijah and Charlie two very nice men.

        • Jean Houghton says:

          Thanks Beryl. Good to know someone remembers them from so long ago. That just leaves one name to fill.

  4. The man on the right is Bill Lewis, who’s sadly no longer with us.

    Name supplied by his daughter, Stella Howell, via Facebook.


  5. aerreg says:

    you have got the old grey matter working again the name marklew i recall many years ago ivor maklew had a pig farm down pelsall road in its its early days i was talking to him about his pigs he told me they were land raised but i thought he said land raced for months i thought who the devil wants to race pigs i supose today they are called organic onthe subject of marklew there was another brownhills stalward of days gone by DANNY MARKLEW he did a lot for brownhills he was a teacher a counciller and did an awful lot of public service hope ime not a bore but you bring me some happy moments god bless keep workin and torkin

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