Brownhills Motor Sales at Streets Corner – what do you know?

Brownhills Motor Sales, Lichfield Road, Walsall Wood. Part of the Ralph Ferrie empire as featured in the Lichfield Mercury in July, 1957.

Old pal of the blog Alvin Cox contacted me yesterday asking if I had any images of the motor sales workshop/garage that existed at Streets Corner, Walsall Wood, before the Co-op was built: Latterly it was Saturn Motor Sales.

He asked:

Hi Bob

Can you remember a garage/workshop that used to be situated at Streets Corner where the new Co-op is now, where it also used to be Saturn motors?

If so do you have any photos of said garage?  i

If not can you put the word out to your thousands of readers; photos required . many thanks

Alvin Cox.

The only photo I can immediately think of is from the Lichfield Mercury advert from 1957 which came from an anonymous donor in 2012 (and seems to have been photographed from microfiche).

Brownhills Motor Sales was, of course, part of the sizeable Ferrie empire. Note there were multiple branches.

Thanks to Alvin for a great , thought provoking enquiry!

It’s be great to get better images, or folks’ memories. – if you have anything, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail for com. Cheers!

The picture above came from this advert – clearly pushing a growing, can-do style of business. From what I can tell, Ralph was always up for doing a deal. From the Lichfield Mercury, July 1957.

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4 Responses to Brownhills Motor Sales at Streets Corner – what do you know?

  1. David Evans says:

    BUDC passed the plans to build the shop for Mrs Hardwick at Streets Corner, 5June 1935. In mid 1934 ithe council considered improvig the road junction there.


    A great link above for details and descriptions of old shops in Walsall/Walsall Wood & Brownhills, plus other areas.

    There is a garage called The Brownhills Garage, owned by a Henry Shepherd.

  3. Alvin Cox says:

    Thanks very much Bob just what I was after , it’s all coming back to me now (as the song says) Regards Alvin.

  4. Mike Pegg says:

    If you are interested, I have a ceramic model of a Leyland truck made up as an ashtray which was given away to a customer (a Fleet Manager) of Brownhills Motors with Brownhill Motors title written on it. I can send a photo of it if you let me have an e-mail address.

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