Another burglary in Brownhills – can you help?

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Mill Road is a generally quiet part of Brownhills. Imagery from Bing! Maps.

I’m sad to inform readers that there’s been yet another shed burglary in Brownhills – this time it was angling equipment taken from an address in the Mill Road area of Catshill and the owner, Sarah Shea, has asked if I’ll run an appeal to try and find the missing kit ir the pondscum who stole it:

Hi Bob

I was wondering if you could put a post up for me, my shed has been broken into and an awful lot of fishing equipment has been stolen. I live on Mill Road in Brownhills, it happened between last Thursday (18th February 2016)  and this Monday (22nd February 2016).

The equipment was all in carry cases/bags (black and grey) and a black fishing seat box. The makes of the equipment are maver, preston and garbolino.

The police have been informed, someone has come specifically for this equipment. There will be a reward for its return Thank you.This is a despicable attack.


Sarah Shea

The people doing this are more than likely doing it to raise cash from the proceeds of selling what they steal. If you know of anyone hawking around tools or other stuff that seems to be dubious, please grub them into the police – the stuff they’re flogging is probably nicked.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Walsall Police by dialling 101 or speak to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Please, lets see if we can nail these thieving buggers.

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