The Jolly Boys


Jolly Collier FC circa 1965/66, image kindly supplied by Patricia Coton who says they were a great team. Pat is the young lady in the back row.

Staying on a football theme, the above wonderful image has reached me – again via Facebook – from reader Patricia Coton, who is the young lady with the goalie in this mid-60s lineup of local lads.

The picture is clearly taken outside the Jolly Collier pub, which stood on the Pelsall Road on the corner with Coppice Side. The pub was lost in the late 1980s, and only the Jolly Collier bridge gives any hint it was ever there.

Pat says the lineup is:

Back row: Graham Dunn, ?, Tony Barber, John Dean, Me, ?, Arthur Toddington. Front row: Brian Toddington, John Hackett, Danny Robbins, Brian Toddington (with ball), John Fisher, Ron Richards. Other two on tip of tongue, sure someone will remember for me?

Thanks to Pat for a really great image – can you help fill in the gaps? I’m also interested in the brand of soft drinks advertised on the A-board behind the group to the right.

If you can help, pleas do comment here of mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Thanks.

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