Aldridge Athletic and Gene Hunter: what do you know?


Aldridge Athletic football team in 1961. Image posted on Facebook by Jo and Mike Beardsmore.

An interesting one reachers me from friend of the blog Lisa Ashby who’s spotted this appeal floating around Facebook – we seem to be doing a lot of football-related photos lately, and we’ve been so successful I think this one’s worth sharing too.

The appeal is from Jo and Mike Beardsmore, and is a little unusual.


Gene Hunter from the above photo. Image from the original Facebook post.

Going through some stuff of my dads last night and found this picture that was given to him along with a note asking him to get in touch.

It was from a Gene Hunter. My dad cannot remember how this was passed to him and didn’t even know he had it although likely to be a while ago. My dad would love to meet up with Gene for a chat about the old days. If anyone could help me get in touch I really would appreciate it. The first picture is of Aldridge Athletic 1961 and the 2nd picture is of Gene Hunter himself. Last known to be living in Walsall.

If you can help with this one, or indeed, have anything to contribute on the subject of Aldridge Athletic football team, I’d be glad to hear it.

Comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

Cheers to Lisa for the tipoff, as ever.

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4 Responses to Aldridge Athletic and Gene Hunter: what do you know?

  1. Lisa says:

    According to a recent update, the people who made the appeal are now in contact with Gene’s daughter xx Thanks Bob !!!

  2. My husband Eric Marklew worked with Gene 1960 -1964 at Walsall Wood Colliery and is interested to know how he is.

  3. Beverley Mcclure says:

    just noticed this on here, Gene is my brother, and we have lost touch again, sent cards to his last known address but NO response, his phone number we have is unobtainable, would appreciate any help in this matter, thank you in anticipation x

  4. Beverley Mcclure says:

    Gene Hunter is my brother, unfortunately we have lost touch with him, we have sent several cards of recent and have rung his phone but it is unobtainable, we would really love to make contact again, if anyone can help, the last address we had for him was in West Bromwich road Walsall, thank you

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