Costa Coffee coming to Brownhills?


Work at 51, High Street has been going on for a week or so. Looks like we might be getting a Costa.

I’ve been aware of rumours of the well-known coffee chain Costa opening a branch in Brownhills for a few weeks, but up to now have been unable to nail them down – but thanks to a couple of tweets by an architectural agency I spotted yesterday, it seems like the froth-mongers are indeed looking to establish in the town.

I stress this is at a very early stage at the moment – planning permission has not been granted, and as yet an application hasn’t even appeared of the system (when it does, I’ll post details). Also, permission granted doesn’t necessarily mean that the store will go ahead – otherwise we’d have a shiny new Tesco by now.

It seems Costa are interested in opening in the old Blockbuster store on the High Street. I’m sure I’m not alone in finding this a little surprising. These tweets were posted yesterday by Architecture Design Limited, a consultancy specialising in cafe and restaurant design.

I think this is great news: we need the jobs, the investment, and anything that pulls people into the High Street has to be good. I know Brownhills has a fair few food outlets, but this has to be better than an empty shop, and to be fair, Costa tend to open far later than most local cafes. I doubt, however, they’ll pull me away from my favourite bacon butty and a mug of builder’s tea.

Also, just watch for the local Tories and ‘Kippers claiming responsibility for this – a decision made entirely by a company they have no influence over…

I watch with interest and will let you know of any more developments.

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4 Responses to Costa Coffee coming to Brownhills?

  1. Rose Burnell says:

    Any updates on this, Bob? It’s the most exciting plan I’ve heard for Brownhills in years. I’m not optimistic but hopeful.

    • Sadly, nothing yet. I am keeping an eye on it to see when it pops up. If there’s some initial advice been taking place between planning and there applicant it can take weeks to become a full application, so we just watch and wait.

      I think it would be great to see!

      Best wishes to you, and the ginger sausage!

  2. Connor wood says:

    I am looking for job opportunities in this branch please advise

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