Don’t forget – Pelsall Road closed overnight for the next few weeks


The Pelsall Road is busy, and the surface is now worn out.

It’s worth noting that for the next couple of weeks or so (Monday 25th January – Wednesday 10th February 2016) sections of the Pelsall Road in Brownhills will be closed from 8pm until 6am every night to allow for road resurfacing works to take place.

Brownhills Councillor Steve Wade has posted the following on his blog:

Carraigeway Re-Surfacing: Pelsall Road from Apex Road to Clayhanger Lane

Just remember people that re-surfacing work on this stretch of road will start on Monday 25th January 2016 to Thursday 28th January 2016 (closure from 8pm to 6am).

The second stage from Clayhanger Lane to Chester Road/Mine Island will start Friday 29th January 2016 to Wednesday 10th February 2016, again closed from 8pm to 6am.

Note that the road will be open daytimes (although with temporary surfaces and maybe raised ironworks in places) during daytimes as normal and these closures are just overnight.

I must say – it’s about time: the surface of that road has been horrible for years now. Glad to see it being replaced.

I must say, Steve Wade’s blog is very interesting and worth a follow if you want to know what he’s up to

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