The team of ’57

watling school 1957

Some happy faces here! Front left looks like a bit of a pickle… A great image kindly supplied by Martin Littler.


Here’s a head scratcher from friend of the blog Martin Littler, who’s contributed so much previously to Brownhills Local history – and this time he’s come up with a cracker for a Bank Holiday Monday.

Martin supplied the above fantastic 1957 Watling Street school football team, featuring a very familiar name, and wrote:

Hi Bob,

I thought this may be of interest to some of your readers, its a photo of the football team Watling Street School 1957, the teacher on the photo is Mr Arthur Shingler, he has been on other photos in the past on your blog, when he was teacher at Walsall Wood.

The boy sitting on the ground far right is Paul Nicholls; on the second row seated second from the left Graham Ward; on the same row seated far right is Peter Fletcher; on the back row in the middle goal keeper is Michael Morris.

It may be of some interest to Mike Stackhouse who may be able to add some more names to the photo.

Kind Regards.
Martin Littler

I think Mike Stackhouse will indeed be very interested in this one!

Thanks to Martin for another excellent contribution – you lot know what to do: please comment here of mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Thanks.

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8 Responses to The team of ’57

  1. Martin. says:

    I failed to mention that Arthur Shingler and Fred Shingler were Brothers, who’s wonderful Film (video) of Watling Street in the 1960s was a real gem and mentioned on Brownhills blog earlier in the year.
    Kind Regards.

  2. They were a couple of years behind me, but both John (my Bro) and I were friends with Paul and his family for a long time. I tried to put the photo by my photosoftware, so that I could put surnames by the person. Didn’t work, so lets do it this way. Boy holding the ball is named Reid to his right is a Ward to the left is a Brooks. There is also a Fletcher but cannot remember which one and the tall one at the back (opposite the teacher, I know but can’t remember) I will get back if any others come back to me. But great to see Thanks Martin and Bob.

  3. alan thacker says:

    yes I think its graham ward and also I think its a gooch on the back row–I played for watling st school during 1954 these are younger than me

  4. Nick Dean says:

    Just been talking to my father about the photo, his name is Colin Dean and he is standing on the back row to the right of the teacher. He said the person on the back row the opposite end to him was John Poxon but he new most the names. He said he was 9 years old when this was taken…Happy memories.

  5. Martin Littler says:

    So we have got a few names now with the help of the Blog readers.
    Colin Dean, Malcolm Gooch, Michael Morris, John Poxon, Graham Ward,? Brooks Trevor Read,
    Peter Fletcher and Paul Nicholls.

    Kind regards

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  7. Jill says:

    Lovely to see this pic of my brother Peter Fletcher

  8. maread84 says:

    The captain in the middle holding the ball is Trevor Read, my later father.

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