Chasewater Spring Fair this Sunday!


Chasewater from the air – remarkable kite photography by Barry Carpenter.

Just a quick heads up that this Sunday (19th April 2015), there’s to be a Spring Fair at Chasewater – I don’t know much about it but there will be craft stalls, food, amusements and all the usual type things there.

The event is around the Innovation Centre and Cafe and runs from 12-4pm. Worth a punt if you’re at a loose end – and there’s always the Chasewater Railway while you’re up there. I must say, the Cafe at the station has been recently refurbished and does a cracking butty.

If anyone for the innovation centre is reading this, good publicity works wonders… how about giving it a go?

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2 Responses to Chasewater Spring Fair this Sunday!

  1. Ade Reid says:

    Hi Bob.just been over to see a mate in Clayhanger at 3-30 on a Friday afternoon.What the hell is going on with the traffic?Sailed through Rugeley and Cannock then hit the A5.Solid up until the Whitehorse Road parked 5 mtrs from the lights on the Whitehorse Road ,Parked half way down the Parade,obviously picking kids up from the school.How many kids are there at the Watling Street.1500.?madness..Then had to negotiate Brownhills at 17.00 hours and didnt ease until I got the back end of Norton Canes.i lived in Brownhills until 1993.always wanted to come back and settle down,but seeiing this i dont think im gonna bother.Its been totally destroyed by the 21st century.Too many cars,too many people and too many idiots on the road driving at 100 mph to get where they want and dont give a @@@@ about anyone else.Its become the same as my home town of birth Birmingham.I really do despair about the future of this once great country.

  2. amanda says:

    Hi, I only heard about this from a local lady that I follow on Facebook and she has a stand there. Iv not seen any notices advertising it. I have checked with my sister who lives in chase terrace and she didn’t know about it. These could be successful if people knew about them. I like to support our local crafts where I can!

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