Fixed in time

I’ve had in a great contribution from a chap who’s been a friend of the blog for as long as I’ve been writing it – Roger ‘Ziksby’ Jones – on the subject of early bicycles, which arose from the image of F. Bradbury recently supplied by John and Paul Anslow.

Roger’s primary interests are Malvern and his family history, but he’s an amazingly knowledgable chap with a knack for finding out some fascinating things. This is a great contribution, which I think many will find fascinating – but particularly Andy Dennis.

I’ll let Roger explain:

Mr Bradbury

Mr F. Bradbury and his rather super bicycle. I think the bike is his – he’s clearly a young, fit man; it looks like a fixed wheel sporty ‘young mans’ bike with only a front brake. I suspect the bicycle to be fixed wheel. The chain is of an early, wide pitch type, the tyres are solid rubber and the mud on the inside of the mudguards suggests it to be well used. The shine suggests it’s well loved. It’s also adjusted to the gentleman’s height, and bears what is probably a Brooks saddle and toolbag. This was an expensive, nippy steed, a bit like a sports car would be today. A great image from John Anslow.

Hi Bob,

The photo of a Victorian gent with a bike caught my eye.

Attached is a cropped scan from a photo of the Malvern Cycling Club taken in 1895. The rider is W H Melhuish (Honorary Secretary in the mid 1890s) with his fixed wheel cycle (I note the footrests on the front fork).

I thought it might provide a comparison with John Anslow’s photo.

My Jones forefathers in addition to being bootmakers also dabbled in cycle manufacture, sales and repairs. Hence my interest. The free wheel is said to have been first tried and patented by Charles Santler whose business was next door to my gt. gt. grandfathers. Santler let the patent lapse, but went on to produce the first ever petrol driven motor car in the UK … The Malvernia.




Now there’s a stately gent with a fine bike. Image supplied by Roger Jones and taken from the Veteran-Cycle Club’s book ‘Cycling History pt 1 (The Malvern Cycling Club 1883-1912).’

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