Catch a peregrine in Walsall now!

I’m a bit late with this (I’ve only just realised it’s on) but today (Saturday 5th April 2014) is Peregrine Watch at the New Art Galley Walsall – it’s running now until 3pm, so if you can, do pop up. It’s great to see these fantastic birds around Walsall – and they’re also working to keep the pigeon population down!

I always push this event, as I believe it’s important to show folk that wildlife isn’t just a rural thing, and that conservation, biodiversity and the wonders of the wild are everywhere, even in a post-industrial town like ours.

Please, if you can, attend this great event. And a big thank you to Morgan an the team that organise it. It really shows off one of our town’s hidden gems.

0128_Lunchtime Visitors at Tameway

Peregrinewatch always draws a crowd. Image courtesy Morgan Bowers/Walsall Wildlife.

All eyes on Walsall for Peregrine Watch 4

All eyes will be on Walsall this weekend for a sighting of two of its most famous residents – Katy and Matthew Perry.

Peregrine Watch 4 is set for Saturday 5 April and people will be hoping to catch sight of the town’s nesting pair, dubbed Katy and Matthew Perry.

They can regularly be seen around the area, including the town hall bell tower, St Matthew’s Church and Tameway Tower.

The event is taking place at the New Art Gallery, Walsall from 10am-3pm with an ‘outpost’ viewing point on the forecourt of Central Library in Lichfield Street.

The new Peregrine Nestbox Cam will also be launched on the day on the day.

Walsall Council’s countryside services has once again teamed up with conservation groups and gallery staff to stage Peregrine Watch 4 and is urging residents, shoppers and visitors to join this Saturday’s event.

Morgan Bowers, Walsall Council senior countryside ranger, said: “We’re really excited about the day and will, weather permitting, be joined by the RSPB, Wildlife Trust, Hedgehog Rescue and BrumBats at the New Art Gallery.

‘We’ll also have birds of prey inside the gallery on the mezzanine level along with a children’s art workshop area so younger visitors can draw birds of prey.

‘A peregrine viewing point will also be created on the fourth floor of the gallery, overlooking the town, along with a plasma screen showing the feed from the peregrine nestbox cam.

‘Peregrine falcons are fascinating birds and we’re thrilled that Walsall can boast its own nesting pair. People can just turn up on the day, there’s no need to book first, and we’ll have plenty of experts around with binoculars and telescopes to help visitors catch a glimpse of Katy and Matthew.’

The hashtag for the event will be #WS1Perries and people can follow @walsallwildlife. There is free wifi (Buzzard) inside the New Art Gallery, which does not require a password.

The event facebook page can be found here.


These are fascinating and lovely birds, clearly at home in the urban, built environment. Image courtesy Morgan Bowers/Walsall Wildlife.

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