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I’m pleased to note the intriguing and rich history of the Royal Exchange pub in Walsall Wood continues to develop and evolve. Regular readers will recall that Ann Cross and David Evans did much work to document life at the local hostelry, with Ann Cross in particular writing some wonderful accounts of her family’s involvement.

Following on from this, and spurred on by the Young David Evans, Roger Turner has been in touch with a great article detailing more of the history.

Roger wrote:

Hello Bob

I have been encouraged by David Evans to submit the attached article.

I hope it is of interest to your readers. I am still researching my Jackson family and hope to gain further information to extend this story.

Best Wishes
Roger Turner

I’m sure everyone will agree this is a fine article and it’s very interesting to see how historical threads in Walsall Wood are now becoming intertwined – this raises a number of questions, which I hope readers will explore.

Huge thanks you to Roger for continuing the story. Can you help him with he history of the Jackson family? As ever, I welcome reader participation and comment – either here or mail me at BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.


The Royal Exchange in 1900. Image generously supplied by Ann Cross.

This article follows that of Ann Cross relating to The Royal Exchange and concerns my 2x great grandmother, Maria Jackson. 

Maria became the publican following the death of her husband, Richard, in 1854. She died on 13th December 1891. 

In her will she left 8 ‘freehold messuages (houses with outbuildings) hereditaments and premises… situate in the Chester Road leading from Brownhills to Stonnall’. For each she identified who the current tenants were; therefore easily traceable on the 1891 Census. They are consecutive entries in Shenstone, The Ecclesiastical District of Stonnall and so on the Lichfield side of Chester Road. OS maps of the time show properties just to the right exiting Friezland Lane, this may be them.


Ordnance Survey 1:2,500 map showing the row of houses on Chester Road, Shire Oak. Please click for a larger version.

The Return of Owners of Land, 1873 records her owning 3 acres.

The Walsall Wood Inclosure Plan, 1876, shows three parcels of land in the ownership of ‘Widow Richard Jackson’. One is ‘The Royal Exchange’ which Maria owned until 1890/91. The second is opposite; is this part of Collins Parcel Delivery site? The third is in Brooklands Road, opposite a site owned by William Jackson. I would like to identify any connection between Maria and this particular William (there are a number of William Jacksons).

Walsall Local History Centre has the licensing records for Walsall Wood for 1887 onwards; they think earlier ones may have been destroyed. Maria was replaced as owner of The Royal Exchange from the licence issued on 1st September 1890 by The Lichfield Brewery Company Ltd. The same point in time that ownership changed for The Beehive Inn from William Jackson to The Lichfield Brewery Company Ltd.

Richard and Maria are buried together in St. Peter’s Churchyard, Stonnall. Their memorial is adjacent to a large ivy covered vault for another Richard Jackson and family. I have not yet connected this family to mine. Inscriptions are easily readable under the ivy. Richard and Maria’s is now so weather beaten as to be almost indecipherable but merely records their ages at death, 44 and 74. These memorials are directly in front of the church entrance.

Maria was born in Walsall; the date is not known. Census records suggest anywhere from 1811 onwards; her death certificate suggests 1817. I have identified 8 children. Her maiden name varies on Birth Certificates of those I have seen; MILLSUM (on 2), MILLSON (1) and MELSOM. Her earliest children were born in Wednesbury. 

My great grandfather was also called Richard. His brother, John, was married to Hannah Eliza Street. Their photographs are in David Evans article on Street’s Corner.

I would be delighted if anyone can add to this story.


The Street family gave their name to Streets Corner. It’s very hard to imagine a thatched cottage in the Wood today. Click for a larger version. Image from Bill Mayo and John Sale’s book ‘Memories of Old Walsall Wood’.

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3 Responses to Continuing the Exchange

  1. David Oakley says:

    There was a Mr. Jackson living in Brookland Road in the mid 1930’s. He was quite old, then, certainly in his sixties, which would date his birth circa 1870. He lived on the right-hand side at the end house just below the old Brookland Road Club.. His property was large enough to accommodate a cart in the drive, which he used in his business as a carrier. He kept a horse, somewhere, but as Vigo Road was largely undeveloped at the time, there may have been ample grazing behind his house. An old man with a drooping white moustache, he was a familiar sight in the Wood, seemed to shout at his horse, quite a lot, in an angry manner, but perhaps that was just his style of control. Kids remember things like that ! His family consisted of a wife and a son named Ron.

  2. Ann Cross says:

    Great piece thank you and a few more details for me to work on!
    Many thanks to Roger, and of course David and Bob.

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