Plucky Woodmen mash Leeks!


The sun set over Walsall Wood, but not the Woodmen. Well done lads. That NCB pennant on the pithead still really narks me. Image by David Evans.

I’l be honest. I know nowt about the beautiful game. But fear not, roving reporter the Young David Evans does, and so he pitched up at Oak Park tonight to watch the lads from The Wood beat Leek Town FC 2-0 after some great football.

As the game ended, the Walsall Wood FC tweeted:


A great match, with Walsall Wood victorious against the odds! Image by David Evans.

David Evans submitted the following report:

A beautiful clear blue sky and gentle setting sun set heralded the promise of a thrilling replay of the 2-2 draw at Leek last Saturday. Ardent Leek Town away supporters agreed that Walsall Wood had shown great determination and spirit in that first game. All eagerly awaited the start of the return match.

The first half saw great tussles and mid-field work by both teams, with Walsall Wood parrying the attacks, and frequent heavy body challenges and tackles that some of their opponents considered necessary. In its way this was quite a compliment as the resilience and positive play, encouraging calls and cries were self evident from the home team, to the increasing frustration of the visitors.

The second half brought some glorious passing and two superb goals by The Wood, that happened within minutes of each other. Goals that would even bring cries of ‘Olé!’ in Madrid, Goals that brought the home supporters to full voice and applause.

The match is memorable for the hard work and team spirit of Walsall Wood, which ultimately helps me forget the regrettable transatlantic football body checking used on both the home goalkeeper and leading attacker and which, in other circumstances, may have marred an otherwise hard fought but sporting match.

Well done the Reds, and thanks for a thrilling and entertaining football match. A taste of things to come



The Woodmen continue the tradition of great soccer at Oak Park. Image by David Evans.

As an aside I was glad to note a few locals spotted my post earlier and attended the game, in at least one case for the first time. Nice to see – it’s what the blog is for.

This is all getting a bit The Day Today, so I’ll leave it there and thank David for his great images and report. As soon as I have details of the next match, I’ll publish them here.

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2 Responses to Plucky Woodmen mash Leeks!

  1. Pedro says:

    “Goals that would even bring cries of ‘Olé!’ in Madrid,”

    I say David! They should all get a bit of the £300,000 a wick that Bale will be getting!

    All the best Pedro

  2. David Oakley says:

    What a great result ! Thanks for your report, David, sincere best wishes to the lads for the next round.

    Walsall Wood F.C, Supporters. North Yorkshire Branch.

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