Urgent appeal: lost horse – can you help?


Pippin went missing between Wednesday night and Thursday morning. There have been possible sightings in the Coalpool area. Image from Stevie Ansell.

I hope readers can help with this urgent enquiry. Stevie Ansell, who operates the local riding school with fields on the Pelsall Road and at Engine Lane, Brownhills, has lost a horse, a small grey mare.

The pony is called Pippin and there have been possible sightings in the Coalpool area. CCTV imagery as also been recovered indicating that Pippin  was led away.

No fences were broken down, and this was the only loss, so it’s a bit of a puzzle.

If you’ve seen a horse looking like Pippin loose around the commons and wastelands locally, please get in touch. That goes too if someone has recently acquired such an animal and things seem a bit dodgy.

Stevie asked:

Hi Bob

Hope you are well..

We are missing a small pony last seen on Wednesday evening, as she was not there at register on Thursday morning. She is a sec a grey 8 year old mare.

Seems strange as for once we had no fences cut down and no gates stolen. However she is an escape artist!

Up to yet even with extensive searches we cannot locate her. I wondered if you would mind putting a blog/word out as you are always helpful in these matters…

Thank you


I’d ask anyone seeing the lost pony, or with any information at all to comment here, contact Stevie on Facebook or drop me a line on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.

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