Eine kleine Nachtmarket

Well, it was a balmy summer evening, and the atmosphere was carnival-like and relaxed. There were loads more stalls than last time, and everyone seemed to be having a great time.

Walsall’s third Night Market was great, I really enjoyed it. I didn’t expect these events to be anywhere near as good as they are, as on the face of it the idea seems a bit peculiar. They succeed due to an eclectic range of mostly local, artisan traders and an almost festival-like atmosphere, which is most unusual for Walsall.

The mixture of stalls, quality street food and entertainment really works, and hope these markets continue, as they seem to be growing in strength and size. This time too, a little more of the ‘daytime’ town, just a little, was open.

My congratulations to all involved. I never thought these would fly, but they really do; as soon as I hear of any followups I’ll let you know.

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7 Responses to Eine kleine Nachtmarket

  1. Tim Lewis says:

    Am so please it was a success.

    Sad to have missed it as am on Nights all this week. Looking forward to many more though!

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