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Sandfields Exterior

Sandfields is a vitally important piece of local social and industrial history. Image from Dave Moore’s Flickr photo stream.

Apologies to Dave Moore, but he contacted me a couple of days ago about an event he’s putting on at Cafe Fuse, as part of the Lichfield Fuse Festival in Lichfield this afternoon. Dave is, of course, the passionate and educated local historian who’s working hard to rescue Lichfield’s Sandfields Pumping Station from decay.

Dave wrote:

Hi Bob

I wonder if you could mention that at Cafe Fuse, Lichfield this Saturday, 13th July at 2:00pm I will be on stage introducing Sandfields Pumping Station and also Ian Henery, is Walsall’s own Poet Laureate who will be reading the Sandfields Pumping Station poem.


David Moore

Ian is a great poet, and David is a very interesting, entertaining chap, with a passion that’s very important to local history. If you can, please pop along.

Kate Cardigan from Lichfield Lore has written a great piece about this event.


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