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Chasewater Kart Race Oct 21st 1979

Chasewater Cart Club’s programme for their October 21st 1979 event held at the Three Sisters Circuit, Ashton in Makersfield, Wigan. Click to download a PDF scan of the booklet.

Here’s an odd one for a Saturday Afternoon. Here’s a program from the now long-defunct Chasewater Kart Club, for an event they staged on the 21st October 1979. What’s odd about it is that whilst I acquired the program locally, the day’s racing was actually held at the Three Sisters circuit at Ashton in Makerfield in Wigan. I have no idea why this was done, and hope a passing kart racing fan can explain, please.

I’m hoping this might provoke memories of the famous Kart Club at Chasewater, which was razed for the building of the M6 Toll, much as the program for the Long Track Racing at the adjacent stadium did a few weeks ago. There’s a great history site for this lost club, and a campaign to resurrect it, too. Famous racing driver Nigel Mansell cut his competitive driving teeth on kart races at Chasewater, as detailed by fellow Brownhills historian David Hodgkinson (scroll to middle of page).

As usual with these things, the programme is a period piece, featuring club news, details of racing, what various flags mean, and appears to be largely hand typed. I particularly like the advert for the ‘new’ Alfa Romeo Giulietta, which is ‘wedge shaped’ and can  do up to 108mph!

If anyone has a problem remembering the Chasewater track, I noticed the other day that it’s still available along with aerial imagery of the area from around 1998 on Bing! Maps aerial views; this imagery was produced by one of the first UK public aerial online imagery services, Getmapping, and shows the area before the new motorway came through. It’s a bit over processed and low resolution, but it should bring back memories of an earlier Chasewater. Hard to imagine this is now 15 years old.

Why not pop along and have a browse?

Untitled 4

Chasewater, in the end-of-days hiatus between Walsall, Lichfield, decay and motorway. Captured by Getmapping! it dates from around 1998, and is still present as Bing! Maps aerial imagery. Click for a larger version.

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