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ogley hay 4 copy

A wonderful card obtained by reader and friend of the blog Clive Roberts. Is the ‘Peace Greetings’ stamp significant, maybe end of the First World War?

Here’s an interesting thing. Reader Clive Roberts mailed me with an image of six rather serious looking ladies on a postcard, bearing the handwritten note ‘Staff at Ogley Hay School’.

We’ve featured the school before when reader and top chap Andy Dennis sent us images of his mother’s pencil box, complete with timetable in the lid. I wonder if some of these ladies were teaching in her schooldays?

Clive asked:

Hello Bob,

I have purchased a post card, I wonder if any of you viewers can give any names to the staff in the photo, or know when it was taken?

On the back of the card written in pencil is ‘Staff at Ogley Hay School’.

I’ll leave it with you, Bob.


So: simple question, what do we know? Comment on this post, or BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.

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  1. Dave Cresswell says:

    I don’t know anyone in the picture but I am fairly certain that is Ogley Hay Juniors due to the partition on the right of the picture. These separated each classroom and when pulled back it became the Assembly Hall. At Christmas a Bell and Howell projector was used to show a Norman Wisdom Film

  2. Pedro says:

    Unfortunately the Lichfield Mercury’s coverage has a gap from 1919 to 1936 and then to 1945, and as far as seniors are concerned there seems to have been a boys and girls school…any road up this may be of interest…

    1936 July…the Senior Girls were dancing with kind permission of Miss Priestley (another time directed by Miss D Pendleton and Miss Hardman ) …also in July they went on a school outing on a Saturday by motor coach to Liverpool, then by ferry to New Brighton.

    December School Concert…with play produced by Miss Gerrard and costumes made under direction of Miss Roper. The headmistress was Miss AE Priestley.

    • Rob says:

      Wasn’t the Senior Girls school the one that fronted Gt Charles Street and the Central on the bridge for the lads?

  3. Andy Dennis says:

    I suppose it is possible that, much later, one or more of these ladies taught my mother, though she went to Watling Street Primary.

    Could it be celebrating Peace Day, 19 July 1919, following the Treaty of Versailles signed 28 June?

  4. Pedro says:

    Andy looking again under Peace day I found…

    Lichfield Mercury, Brownhills Peace Day celebrations..

    Peace celebrations took place on Saturday. Proceedings commenced in the morning when the Brownhills Town Band assembled at the Council Buildings and transversed the principle streets. At 1.30 luncheon was provided in the Central Schools, and at the conclusion a presentation of honours to all the local soldiers who had gained distinction or were permanently disabled was made by Dr Bradford. All the old people over 65 were entertained, and the school children were provided with tea. In the afternoon procession was formed, headed by the Band, prizes being given for the best decorated turnout, group of tableaux, decorated house, cycle, garland etc. Afterwards as sports were held in the Hussey Arms field for which cash prizes were given. Dancing took place for a time until it commenced to rain. At 10.30 a large bonfire, which had been errected on the Common, was ignited.

  5. ziksby says:

    Looks like a Kodak Velox card with a pre-printed postcard back, used by most local photographers to print their own or customer’s photos. I have several cards in my collection with the same ‘Post Card’ type style on the back (without the Peace greeting), and all are real photographic (RP) cards, not mass produced.

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  8. Jennifer says:

    My mother attended Ogley Hay school and I still have her Easter gift from school a made Easter egg case with small salt pepper and mustard set inside her name was Mary Elizabeth Orgill she treasured this all her life and I keep it in her fond memory of her school days .

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