Let it pour

Post may be a little patchy over the coming days. It’s Christmas, you know how it is. But I have a great photo-quiz coming up between the big day and new year, with prizes to be be won, so do stay tuned…


I believe the jug was made in Germany. Anyone know anything about this little pink pourer? Click for a larger version, cheers to David and Gerald for a wonderful little artefact.

Here’s an interesting (and slightly daft) query for a pre-Christmas weekend. David Evans, reader, contributor and top Walsall Wood bloke, was very kindly given this commemorative jug by local history wonder Gerald Reece, when Gerald undertook his recent excellent talk in Brownhills.

David said:

Hi Bob

I think this little jug may commemorate the opening of St. Johns Chruch Walsall Wood, or may have been made to raise funds for the renovation of the church, whose poor condition has been noted in your wonderful article recently.

I wonder how many examples were sold, and how many still exist?

I extend my sincere thanks to a certain gentleman from Devon for the gift of this beautiful artefact.

kind regards


We don’t really know anything about it, and are interested if there are any other known examples surviving. Perhaps any pottery experts could suggest a date, or Walsall Wood church people maybe recall why it was made?

I’ve not really seen anything like this before for an ordinary local church (although lots of similar mementoes exist for Cathedrals and Abbeys,  of course).

So, anyone got any ideas?

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3 Responses to Let it pour

  1. pedro says:

    1837-1937 Centenary?

  2. Trevor Australia says:

    Sorry to butt in Pedro are you the same Bloke you comments on sideswipe my favorite NZ Stuff?

    • Pedro says:

      Hi Trevor, took me a little while to cotton on. I am not the Antipodean Pedro.

      Had a look at Sideswipe and the first thing I read was about a lady that returned home to find that her drive had been half inched…

      A Florida woman came home to find her driveway has been stolen. The 300 square feet of brick pavers were carted away sometime between 7:30am and 6pm. The homeowner pulled into her driveway, and was alerted to the missing driveway when she felt a bump.

      Now that could’nt happen in Brownhills!

      Best wishes Pedro

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