Paint the whole world…

Readers who’ve been following my 365daysofbiking Tumblr journal will be aware that, of late, I’ve been feeling a little disheartened by the absence of summer and the impending autumn and winter. I get this seasonal sadness at this time every year, but this year has been particularly pronounced. Just where was our summer, eh?

Well, this afternoon mother nature snapped me out of it. Here’s what she did. I was in the right place, at the right time. All I could do was watch, stunned. For more photos, see my post on 365daysofbiking for today.

Gorgeous, fleeting and captivating.

5:43pm, Thursday, 27th September 2012.

5:51pm, Thursday, 27th September 2012.

5:48pm, Thursday, 27th September 2012.

5:50pm, Thursday, 27th September 2012.

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3 Responses to Paint the whole world…

  1. Pedro says:


    Catch the Rainbow.

  2. Neil Harris says:

    We deserve a golden autumn don’t we? Stunning sunshine, crispy mornings, golden leaves, real ale and hotpots. Come on October, you can do it.

  3. Simon TiredHippo says:

    I prefer early My Bloody Valentine when it comes to rainbow songs:

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