Wet noses and Waggy Tails

I’ve been sent this press release by Lichfield District Council about a fun looking event this Sunday for dog owners and canine aficionados of all kinds. I’m unsure of the wisdom of holding a ‘Prettiest Bitch’ competition in such close proximity to Norton Canes and Brownhills, due to the possibility of misinterpretation, but time will surely tell…

Seriously, there’s also a guided walk by Chris Walsh, Environment Officer, around Chasewater which will be well worth attending, and the microchipping for a fiver is a bargain. Wonder if they do kids, too?

Canine awareness day at Chasewater Country Park on Sunday 20 May 2012, between 11am and 4pm

Lichfield District Council’s parks team is inviting dog lovers to their Wet Noses and Waggy Tails event at Chasewater Country Park this Sunday.

Come see your four legged pals in action. Picture supplied by Lichfield District Council, taken I think by Codsall Photographic Club.

The canine awareness day is set to include displays, novelty classes, the chance to micro-chip your dog for £5, photography, a guided walk, stalls, refreshements, as well as a celebrity guest appearance by ‘Toto’ who starred in The Wizard of Oz at The Prince of Wales Theatre.

Councillor Val Richards, Lichfield District Council’s Cabinet Member for Leisure Services, said: “This is the perfect event for dog owners as well as their dogs. Not only will there be lots of fun shows and classes, we’re offering micro-chipping for £5 and a free guided walk aimed at dog walkers.”

Free dog displays will take place throughout the day.

  • 11.30am   Obedience with Lichfield and District Dog Training Society
  •   1.30pm   Heelwork to music with Lichfield and District Dog Training Society
  •   2.30pm   Greyhound training with Sally Rapson and Racing Tails
  •   3.00pm   Agility and Flyball with Lichfield and District Dog Training Society

Everyone can bring their dogs along and enter them into any of the four classes. It costs £1 to enter a class or £3 for all four. The winner from each class will win a rosette and small prize.

  • 1.30pm   Prettiest bitch
  • 2.00pm   Most handsome dog
  • 2.30pm   Waggiest tail
  • 3.00pm   Best party trick
  • 3.30pm   Dog that looks most like its owner

Codsall Photographic will be taking pictures of the day, and can take a set portrait or capture your dog in action.

Lichfield District Council’s environmental health team will be offering micro-chipping for just £5. This permanent method of identification makes it much easier to trace dog owners, should their dog get lost.

From 12.45pm to 1.15pm, the council’s Biodiversity Officer, Chris Walsh, will be leading a guided walk, to explain more about the rare heathland, why it is being grazed by cattle, and how to behave around livestock when taking a dog for a walk.

For more information please, please call Lichfield District Council’s parks team on 01543 370607 or email chasewater@lichfielddc.gov.uk.

Wet noses, floppy ears and a glint in the eye. Picture supplied by Lichfield District Council, taken I think by Codsall Photographic Club.


Wet Noses and Waggy Tails has been organised by Lichfield District Council, with support from Arden Grange Dog Food, Burns Dog Food, Pool House Veterinary Hospital and Melbourne Veterinary Centre.

Show sponsors

The event is jointly sponsored by Arden Grange and Burns Pet Nutrition Ltd. Both companies have kindly donated goody bags for the winners of our novelty pet competitions and for the first visitors to the event.

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  1. Peter Killops says:

    Hi all. Went up yesterday with my trusty dog, all groomed and brushed ready to receive our prize as the most handsome dog (not a euphemism) unfortunately the judges didnt agree and we came away empty handed. Whilst we didnt stay for duration we did get involved with Chris Walsh and his heathland walk around the SSSI at the back of the new 9 foot pool. Whether I understood everything is up for discussion but Chris is clearly enthusiastic and passionate about his subject. He comes across as a genuinely nice guy who is doing some good work in his field (pardon the pun) of conservation and bio diversity. Well done Chris.

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