Perrie goes large!

I couldn’t make it to Peregrine Watch in Walsall yesterday, sadly – I would have liked to attend, but work commitments prevented it. My sadness at missing the fun, however, has been somewhat alleviated by the excellent pictures and video that ace senior ranger and social media whizz Morgan Bowers has uploaded to the Walsall Wildlife  Flickr and Facebook accounts. If readers look carefully, they may spot more than one on two members of the local online community there…

Who would have thought a decade or so ago that these magnificent birds would be observed regularly in Walsall? If you keep an eye out, you can often see them loafing, preening or doing their bit to control the pigeon population. I’m so glad that Walsall Council has such an engaged and keen countryside team, willing to share all the wildlife we have with the borough’s residents. Walsall has a fantastic, very diverse ecology which often goes unnoticed. Morgan and Kevin work very hard indeed to try to rectify that, and all power to them.

Don’t forget to also subscribe to the Walsall Wildlife twitter stream and the new blog. Thanks to the team for all their hard work.

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