Brownhills Common and Central, 1884.

Ordnance Survey 1884 1:1250 plot of Brownhills common and central area. This is a scanned, hand assembled paper map, so may be slightly distorted due to paper stretch. A high resolution version is available from the links below. Note the intriguing hand annotations.

Following on from the 1884 Brownhills South and Walsall Wood map of last week, I have one that will interest those wanting to investigate the mining history on Brownhills Common. This is an 1884 1:1250 plot of that area in 1884. It carries some rather interesting annotations.

For David Evans, wells are extensively noted with the ‘W’ mark. Other abbreviations are decoded by the Ordnace Survey themselves here.

You can download copies of this map at high resolution below. They’re quite large, so patience will be required on slow connections.

1884 Brownhills Common and Central – JPEG image – 23.6 megabytes

1884 Brownhills Common and Central  – PDF – 14 megabytes

I’d like to thank the anonymous reader who located this map and scanned it. You’re a star.

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4 Responses to Brownhills Common and Central, 1884.

  1. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    a super map ! I wonder when the two railway stations opened..on the Watling Street and the one along Pelsall Road (Midland station?). I din’t know that there had been a farm, Conduit Farm.
    Some pits are called Coppice, some Brownhills..owned by different companies?

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  3. Paul Cox says:

    Thank you very much for sharing this superb piece of map history, its where i moved to in 1970 (Brownhills West), and ive always wanted to know more detail of the area….and here it is in its glory…cheers. Mr Paul Cox

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