Anyone know anything about these Cannock Chase offroaders?

Abraham’s Valley, Cannock Chase. 3:50pm, Saturday, 7th January 2012.

I’m sure there must be a perfectly innocent explanation for this. Two vehicles, driving off-road, up Abraham’s Valley on the Chase toward Rifle Range Corner. I have never, ever seen private vehicles here, and I’ve been coming here for years. It’s not an easy spot to get to. I’ve only ever seen loggers or rangers here, and these guys were neither. The guy in the hatchback had his head covered, and stopped his car to look back at me after he passed. It made me uneasy.

I’ve seen official off-roaders in the forest at places like Lower Cliff and Sherbrook Valley – they usually have official vehicles with them and drive differently. Usually, there’s warning notices out if they’re active.

If these vehicles are legal, fine, but it’s a worrying development. If not, how the hell did they get here? Sadly I didn’t get either registration but the car was R-reg and the 4WD N-reg.

A mystery.

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4 Responses to Anyone know anything about these Cannock Chase offroaders?

  1. Keith says:

    Maybe they’d been playing hide the salami !

  2. darren dyche says:

    hi i was wondering if i can take my off road bike in to cannock chase to do some trail riding . thanx

  3. Bob Stains says:

    people will do as they please, and brownhillsbobhole blog wont change that. How about you get a life and stop being a kill joy, the forest should be for everyone, not just old farts like you bob stains

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