Time for a Goodcuppa

I noticed recently that there’s an interesting new blog on the block from a former Brownhills girl, now exiled in Lincolnshire. Goodcuppa has some really interesting stuff going on, and I think her blog deserves a wider exposure. There’s some great memories there for the local history buffs, and I’d like to see Brownhills Blog readers encourage her and contribute as much as possible. Goodcuppa has commented here, on occasion, too. I’m always keen to promote other local bloggers and writers, and this one is shaping up to be a cracker.

Get over there, and take a shufty round…

Always great to see other blogs springing up... more, please.


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2 Responses to Time for a Goodcuppa

  1. goodcuppa says:

    Thanks Bob. Yes I am exiled in Boston In Lincolnshire, Very cold Here today. I will be adding My moms memories soon. Have drafted some of it, all about her life growing up in Stonnall.
    My family tree is getting interesting too. Well for me it is.

  2. Tina Hill says:

    Hi Bob,
    I was wondering if you or anyone reading your blog would know when the Beehive in hall lane turned into flats. I have asked Oakparkrunner, but he must be busy.
    I have photographs of my Grandparent outside it. I know they lived their, Also it still had the publicans name above the door. Could it be that they turned it into flats, Not very likely I think, but I am finding it hard to get any data on it. I was unable to get to the archives when I was down home. I would be so grateful of any help anyone can give me.
    I would like to add this snippet if you do not mind, I notice an article about Walsall Wood, and where the Wesleyan church used to be on the bridge. I do know that where the steps are by the side of the bridge leading to Hall Lane, used to be a small road before they built the one going past the old cash and carry. Now on the old road corner( where steps are now) was a shop, it was run by my great aunt and her husband. I am getting more details on that at the moment.
    Thanks a bunch. Any help or information on the Beehive would be appreciated.

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