Dawn of a new season

Some photos are too good to keep to the 365daysofbiking blog, and this is one of them. Not so much the quality of the image, but what it encapsulates. After a depressing weekend spent lamenting the awful weather and drop in temperature, I witnessed this on my way to work yesterday, and caught my breath. Yes, summer is passed, but this new autumn thing… It could work…

Autumn sunrise, viewed from Chester Road, Sandhills. I'm ready now, bring it on. 6.17am, Tuesday, 30th August 2011.

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7 Responses to Dawn of a new season

  1. Rose Burnell says:


  2. Chris Hill says:

    Thats what I miss.

  3. JeepBoy says:

    Great photo – wonderful sentiment – but I’m still hoping for an Indian Summer , if you don’t mind, Bob!!

  4. Aha. To me (and I know I’m wrong) it’s always psycologically autumn after the last bank holiday of the summer, whatever the weather. If we get an Indian summer, it’s an autumn thing to me, but it would still be most welcome!

    Here’s to warmer days and plenty of sun


  5. stymaster says:

    Yep, same here, and it felt like it yesterday. Cold(er), dark early.

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