Time and tide (via The Plastic Hippo)

Yet again, The Plastic Hippo vocalises beautifully what I’m thinking. Is this the nastiest, most unpleasant government we’ve ever had? As every day passes, the pronouncements from the Prime Minister become more and more bizarre. I fear for my country, the social state and what is being done to it by people who have never once felt the cold wind of social hardship.

Time and tide After a full and reasonably debauched life, there is little left that can provoke an audible gasp from the author of this humble blog. But as dawn broke over Cardigan Bay, a gasp was followed by a few tiny tears of joy. Camping is always a mixed pleasure. The connection to Gaia via a sleeping bag and a ground sheet is a penitence of dubious value and discovering rabbit droppings in your flip flops is not the best start to a day. However, lower ba … Read More

via The Plastic Hippo

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  1. stymaster says:

    Is this the nastiest, most unpleasant government we’ve ever had?

    Yes, maybe. But there’s competition 🙂

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