The Weavers Hills prelude: The climb

As regular readers are aware, I’m compiling a post about last Friday’s crossing of the Weaver Hills into the Manifold Valley by bike. This is linked into my 30daysofbiking project, and also because reader and top bloke Steve Lightfoot – @66usual on twatter – was interested in visiting the area. I’ve loved the weavers ever since I started riding over them a few years ago. They demonstrate the amazing variety of landscape to be found in Staffordshire – they rise from the pretty, soft Dove Valley at Ellastone on their southeastern side to an open, wind-buffeted moor at the summit, oddly called ‘The Walk’. This is a place few really know, so one is usually fairly alone, even on warm, sunny days like this. It is also a pagan place, and on the slopes, mutiple tumuli and strip-lynchetts, you can almost hear the ancestors voices.

This is gorgeous countryside, well worth the climb. Photos can be viewed in my Panoramio Gallery (click on the images in the gallery to view them) where they are displayed with their location. Tomorrow, we descend from near Calton, in the north, to the Manifold Valley.

The route of this video is shown dotted in red on the map. Click for a larger version.

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