Now, where did they get that from…

Today, I noted that the Express & Star (motto: ‘that’ll do Ted, it’ll only be holding chips tomorrow’) were rightly having a whinge about the cost of graffiti vandalism, something I’ve had occasion to moan about myself. Fair enough, move along, nothing to see here.

The odd thing about the article as posted on the Express & Star site is that the image it features is a cropped version of the community youth artwork protest picture, taken in 2009 and originally featuring Brownhills resident Majorie Gines, who’d taken a dislike to the mural. The artwork had been legitimately created by Brownhills kids and workers from Walsall Youth Arts over that summer on temporary hoardings erected around the building site that was to become Knave’s Court.

Poor old Marjorie seems to have been cropped from history, apart from her right elbow, and the good ol’ local rag seems to be suggesting that a community artwork project is an example of graffiti vandalism. Nice one, guys. Editorial standards clearly remain as high as ever

Unsurprisingly, they didn’t approve my comment pointing this out. Wonder why?

As featured in the Express & Star, 3rd September 2009.

Screen grab from article as published online, Wednesday 17th November 2010

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2 Responses to Now, where did they get that from…

  1. dinkey says:

    Well spotted Bob. I read this article too and recognised the image from your earlier post about that woman. Knowing that the Express & Star often won’t approve controversial comments, I left a comment simply saying “I like the image of graffiti that you have used” but that comment was also not approved.

    It is very interesting that the Express & Star will only approve comments that are uncritical. Basically, they don’t really want to engage with their readers, are only interested in presenting the world as they see it and are prepared to use censorship. They still don’t seem to quite understand this web 2 business and it’s just yet another thing to add to the list that makes them look stupid.

  2. James says:

    Not really very surprising, they’ve “pinched” stories we’ve posted on WV11 and whilst you can’t copyright or claim ownership of news, they’ve made no attempt to credit us at any point.

    Ironically said stories are so insignificant and only appeal to a tiny minority of their readers (but more of ours).

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