Walsall Council budget document

Walsall Council have now revealed their proposals for budget cuts that look set to decimate social care, leisure services and community support for the elderly and vulnerable. Predictably, public relations, councillor allowances and wages for those at the very top of the pile remain untouched. A heartbreaking time for Walsall and a very sad day for the social state. Council leader Mike Bird trots out his usual we’re all in it together crap, but you just know he’s never going to be eating meals on wheels or waiting for a 17 year old trainee on less than the minimum wage to lift him out of bed. These cuts are clearly aimed at the poor, the vulnerable and those with little social voice.

Anyone wishing to read for themselves the budget review document (‘Draft Corporate Revenue Budget Options 2011/12 for Consultation’) as discussed at the Walsall Cabinet meeting on 17th Novemebr 2010, can download it for themselves by clicking the link below. It’s a 15 page .PDF file, so you’ll need Adobe reader… it’s a dry old read but fascinating to see where priorities lie.

Draft Corporate Revenue Budget Options 2011/12 for Consultation

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