Forever Autumn…

Leafy village Main Street, Shenstone, Staffordshire. 4:31pm, Sunday, 10th October 2010.
Hints ford, Hints, Staffordshire. 5:23pm, Sunday, 10th October 2010.
Shenstone from the railway bridge, Shenstone, Staffordshire. 4:28pm, Sunday, 10th October 2010.
Overlooking the footbridge at Hints Ford, Hints, Staffordshire. 5:13pm, Saturday, 9th October 2010.
A surprisingly beautiful Wyrley & Essington canal, Brownhills. 3:39pm, Sunday, 10th October 2010.
Long shadows over Little Hay, Staffordshire. 4:54pm, Sunday, 10th October 2010.
Lane's, or Home Farm, Sandhills, Brownhills. 3:44pm, Sunday, 10th October 2010.
Roddige airstrip, Roddige, Staffordshire. 6:52pm, Sunday, 10th October 2010.
Brownhills parade, looking toward the Fullelove memorial shelter. 3:03pm, Sunday, 10th October 2010.
Rolling lanes between Summerhill and Hilton, Staffordshire. 4:09pm, 10th October 2010.


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  • Chris

    Lovely pics Bob !
    Oh to be in England.

  • Tim

    T’was a beaut of a day Sunday, had that beautiful view of Home Farm but from the SouthWest whilst cutting a hedge in a garden in one of the Chester road houses…..

  • Nick

    Wow…Good old Blighty..Great pics….!!

  • Neil

    Great pics Bob, the trees seem to be holding onto their leaves this year

  • Mick_P

    Beautiful. Making me homesick again Bob, you swine.


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