As if by magic… They disappeared

It seems that the travellers who yesterday moved onto the former site of Silver Court Gardens have moved on. When I passed the site today at about 2pm, all evidence of any occupation was gone.
The authorities in Walsall do seem to act swiftly in such cases and it’s good to see that the matter seems to be resolved.

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3 Responses to As if by magic… They disappeared

  1. 7rin says:

    Do we have any legal camps for them to be able to use in the general hereabouts area, d’you know?

  2. There is only one that I’m aware of, which is on the far side of Bloxwich. There is clearly not enough capacity in the system, and councils have just been relieved of pretty much any commitment they have to make to such sites, which are always controversial.

    The conflict is clearly not resolved by continually moving people on, and it saddens me the society cannot effectively resolve the issue.

    I can see all sides of this. It’s difficult.

    Best wishes


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